Our Story

Lila is an Indian contemporary brand and design lab. We experiment using the simplest of ingredients with a desire to create designs that are both minimalistic in appearance as well as rich in craftsmanship.

We strive to use only pure and natural materials that are both locally sourced and fabricated in-house - giving not only a laidback vibe but a sense of quiet sophistication.

Our inspiration is a million small things.

We are inspired by the natural dyes in plants and trees, colors in birds and animals and the abundance of everything that nature offers us. We are mesmerized by the exquisite and skilled work on the saris of our grandmothers and mothers. We are awed by the attention to detail of artisans and craftspeople in communities that are custodians of priceless treasures. We see inspiration in the richness of traditional dance and art forms. We pause to observe how modern life juxtaposes itself in the middle of architectural marvels and historical monuments. We observe living spaces and breathing cultures. We see beauty in the morning rush hour and the denseness of urban environs. We marvel at the diversity and richness that allows for competing world views. We do not stop being inspired.

At Lila, we try to bring these inspirations to our designs and experiment without fear. There is always much to do but we enjoy every second of our creation process. We intend to remain true to our inspirations. We want to break away from the rigidity of colors, sizes, shapes and the notion of perfection in an imperfect world.

We love for you to see what we see, when you wear a Lila.